May 27th, 2019

Gallant Few

Posted on April 29, 2016

We are very excited to announce that we will be working with the Gallant Few organization for this year’s To The Lost Memorial Day Event! In recent years, there has been a growing misconception of our nation’s combat veterans that has led them to be viewed more and more as broken and unstable individuals who have little to nothing to offer our society and in some extreme incidents even as deranged blood crazed killers who are one hair away from “flipping out” at any given moment and must be kept at arms length for ones own personal safety. This perception of our veterans could not be further from truth but when faced with transitioning back into the civilian world after what in many cases has been the only way of life our veterans have ever known, the isolation they experience combined with the power of society’s perception/suggestion (as misguided as it may be) can after time become a self fulfilling prophecy. Gallant Few has taken a revolutionary approach to the problem by working to assign newly transitioning veterans a mentor on the civilian side who comes from a similar military background and has already been down the road they are currently on and can help them avoid the common pit falls along the way. The idea is that provided with a little understanding and guidance upfront the term “Veteran” can return to its rightful connotation as a CALL TO EXCELLENCE and our veterans can get back to what brought most of them into the military in the first place: the desire to serve, the desire to give back, the desire to make a difference.